Living in a digital world, we are constantly exploring different avenues to create projects and assignments that showcase our creativity as well as our professional potential. We often create our content in one medium, but in order to showcase our work, we might need to convert the file.

Opportunities are missed, as while uploading the file, you often find that only a certain format is supported. The procedure for converting a document is extremely cumbersome. However, now there is an instant solution:

This site helps in converting files from one format to another in a matter of seconds. It is a one-click solution, wherein you just need to drop the desired file, and then select the format in which to be converted. There is a huge array of options available which include: DOC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, MOBI, ODT, PDF, RTF, TXT, BMP, GIF, JPG, LRF, PNG and TIFF.

Features of

  1. There are a lot more format conversion options available than what is normally required. Thus it keeps you covered in all scenarios.
  2. It is completely free, and there are no charges involved in using this exemplary site.
  3. This one site can be used for multiple functions like converting a file, compressing a file, resizing images, editing images, testing speed and downloading a video. Thus, it is a one-stop solution for all your editing needs.
  4. It is extremely user-friendly.

File converters have become popular in the corporate world

  • The ideal file format can be chosen on the basis of security, consistency and ease of sharing. So, with one-stop software, it becomes much easier, especially in a corporate setting, where time is of the essence.
  • Using a single software which is extremely easy to implement, is far better instead of using multiple sites which makes the process a lot more complicated. A comprehensive file converting website forms the ideal solution, and helps to reduce technical glitches and errors.
  • A professional file converter allows you the ease of integrating documentation with other systems, and can be extremely beneficial to transform customer service.
  • Data security is extremely critical in the contemporary world. Thus there is a greater scope of a breach in security if multiple programs are used. A single file conversion software would help in the safekeeping of vital information.
  • Every client requires an individualised effort, and one of the integral benefits of using a professional file converter like, is the ton of options that it provides. A plethora of options are available depending on the quality and storage requirements of the file.
  • With the ease of document conversion to professional formats like PDF or TIFF, there is a better chance of reaching a wider audience. Often in corporate scenarios, MS Word works on a different version in different computers, which gives rise to compatibility issues and the document can appear highly altered, thereby changing the essence.

Real life instances where file converter has made life easy

Often we are accustomed to working on one format, or we use a different OS than our senders- as is the case while working on MacOS and windows- both support different file formats. Instead of downloading a separate application, you can open the above-mentioned link, and drag and drop your file and effortlessly convert it into a format that is accessible to others. You can also change the resolution and quality of the file- the end result is much superior, and there is an added finesse.

Photo and video editing at an amateur level can also be done easily and with a higher quality assurance using While uploading a photograph or video often websites require the file in a certain format, other the one that you have. Do not fret anymore; this site will convert your file into the required format in a jiffy.


Using a file converter is saves a lot of time, and hence is a cost-effective option as it also helps in reducing the carbon footprints. To be in sync with the digital revolution, you need to be adept with the latest technologies as well. So if you haven’t yet started using a file converter, it’s high time you get started.