Precision 3D scanning

Just about anyone in engineering, surveying, manufacturing, testing and design can benefit from 3D scanning. During a manufacturing cycle 3D scanning can be used to save on material, time and money. If you want to produce better fitting parts of higher quality at a more competitive price then the solution is 3D scanning. Savings of as much as 75% is possible in a manufacturing process when a 3D scanner is used. In normal circumstances an industrial designer will use a foam lead design or a clay led design to make molds of objects which is to be mass produced but such tasks can be more effectively done by using a 3D scanner. It is not only the manufacturing process which benefits, it is also the initial concept phase where objects can be digitized which makes it possible to use those recorded images when illustrating the new concept.

Where to find 3D scanners

In the UK people should definitely visit Physical Digital which is the largest service provider when it comes to 3D structured light optical scanning which can then be used for high resolution measurement. Physical Digital provides the best products in the industry such as non-contact GOM ATOS and TRITOP systems. Physical Digital always endeavors to provide customers with a quick solution at a competitive price. They will collect physical detailed data of just about any object sometimes with their on-site mobile workshop but it may occasionally be necessary to do the job on the premises of Physical Digital. Part of the Physical Digital service is access to qualified engineers who will be available to provide advice and support for as long as your project is running. Part of the service is component testing, quality inspection, rapid prototyping and design and Physical Digital are ready to assist customers in the UK, all of Europe and beyond. More information is available on the Physical Digital website; 3D scanning can be very useful during the design phase because a technician can scan just about any physical object and use that image to design a CAD model.  

Other benefits

Occasions may arise where it may be necessary for designers to model their design around other physical objects. All other parts can now be scanned to become part of the design process. During this process it is entirely possible to manufacture parts which are consistently a better fit. Reverse engineering is when you take a previously manufactured part to create a CAD model. By using this extraordinary concept new designs can actually improve upon an engineering standard which was already deemed to be adequate for the purposes of mass production. Even during the prototype phase 3D scanning can be used in various ways. One illustration of the superiority of 3D scanning is that it can actually shorten the prototype design cycle which saves time and money. In fact when using 3D scanning in a manufacturing process no more than one prototype are needed of a part and many times no prototypes may be needed because 3D scanning has taken precise measurements of the original physical object.