You want to stay fit and healthy but you’re worried those pesky pants will get in the way. What dress options are there to help keep pants discreetly in place when exercising? Also, what type of  pants will make you feel as comfortable as possible?

The challenge of concealing an incontinence pant in form-fitting exercise gear can take the enjoyment out of exercise. It may even be putting you off altogether.

Being active, however, is an important part of managing incontinence, with benefits that include lower stress levels and stronger pelvic floor muscles. Not only that, an active lifestyle is good for overall health and fitness.

Having continence problems doesn’t have to mean the end of your exercise routine. The key to preventing embarrassing leaks is planning, and the place to start is your wardrobe.

First of all, choose clothing that suits your choice of continence pad and level of activity. Slimmer pads are easier to conceal than thicker ones and strenuous exercise is likely to lead to more leakage than low-impact activities such as yoga.

Advanced continence technology and design means you can now buy pants that are specially designed for active.

Take your fashion cues from competitive sportspeople who often wear baggy short over tights or leggings when training. As well as being practical, this style will make you look like a pro!

When it comes to fabrics, clothing that contains plastic or latex is not the best choice as these materials are not leak-resistant and do not breathe well, so they can be unhygienic. By contrast, specialist sportswear is designed for athletes who sweat a lot, so it’s made of breathable fabric that wicks up moisture and will keep you fresh. Some brands even have a light pad sewn into the crotch to absorb fluids. These garments can be expensive but are a good investment if you exercise regularly, and people of all ages and athletic abilities can wear them.