Did you know that you should be very careful to know about the details that should be added to the resume build and the details that should be avoided? Many times, people complain about getting rejected for a job even after their interview went really well. Do you know why this happens? This is because they add unnecessary and inappropriate details into the resume. The employer only wants to know what is required for the position for which you are applying, he does not want to read out tales and stories about your life and personal background. Therefore, you should be very precise and accurate about the things that you mention in your resume build.

Details Not to be mentioned on your resume build.

Relationship status

The very first mistake that people make while getting the resume build is the mention of marital status. The employer does not want to know when and why got divorced, how many kids you have to feed, or in which year you got married. These things are simply useless to mention on a resume because they have nothing to do with your job.


Then comes your caste and ethnicity. As long as you are sufficiently skilled and have enough knowledge about your field of work, your social, cultural, and economical background does not matter in any way. Therefore, try to avoid mentioning any details about your religion, race, or cult. It’s of no use to the employer.

Age and address

The age and address of the applicant were an important thing to be mentioned on the resume build in the earlier times. But in the modern resume build, these details are not essential to be mentioned. So, it is recommended not to add the details about your address and your age in the resume as it would not have any effect on the job and position you are applying for.

Salary information from previous job experiences

There is no need to mention any money figures in your resume. Although, you can tell what are your salary expectations from the employer during the interview you should not mention any of your previous salaries from your previous jobs.

While making your resume, you should focus more on the job and skills and why you are eligible for it, rather than the payment and salary. This would make you appear more job oriented and less money minded. Of course, we all are worried about the amount that we think we deserve for our hard work in a particular job position but adding these details in your resume will give a bad impression of you to the employer.

Irrelevant job experience

Let’s take an example, let us suppose that you are applying for the job of a medical attendant but you have been a professional guitarist in your early years of struggle. Would it be relevant to mention the details about your guitarist job in the medical resume build? No right? After all, what a medical attendant has to do with the talent of playing the guitar?

Similarly, you should only add the previous job experiences that are related to your current job application. This makes you look more professional and helps in simplifying your resume by not making it too lengthy by the addition of unnecessary things.