Where do you start in how to choose the right washable incontinence pants?. The first step you need to do to visit dryandcool.co.uk is to determine the level of incontinence. It’s best to also keep in mind whether they want products that are reusable or disposable. See all the details below. You can then further choose using comfort, discretion, and budget as a guide.

The next step in how to choose the right incontinence product is an important one: once the person has identified the brand and style that they want, and identified the single product that will work best, it’s time to choose a size. To determine what product size to select, carefully measure the waist and hip size of the person. Use the larger of the two measurements to select the size to use. Carefully use the given table in the product’s description to choose the correct size. It is important to remember every brand and style may have a slightly different fit and measurement for a particular size. Don’t depend on a stated size being the same measurements for every manufacturer. For example, a medium in one product might not be the same size as a medium in a different brand of product. A snug fit around the legs is important to help prevent urine and/or fecal leakage.

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