Do you have to make a professional videoconference in a few minutes, but you don’t have a solution at hand? Find out how to solve the problems regarding online meetings. The professional high quality, easy-to-use and very economical cloud – based video conferencing service let you enjoying the video conference like never before. You do not need to register an account and you can also buy just 1 hour of video conferencing.

It’s all very simple

Choose the service formula that best suits your needs. In a few minutes you will receive the credentials via email and you are ready to make your videoconference. Before buying, you can try the service for free. If you’ve never used eztalks meetings┬ávideo conferencing and want to know how it works, you can read this article till the end. Thanks to cloud technology today, you don’t need to buy hardware or software because Videoconferencing is also an online service, and available directly on the Internet.

To do a videoconference you only need three things, an Internet connection, a Personal Computer and a specialized provider that provides the online service. This is the bare minimum for a virtual business meeting, as most people will participate in the meeting with their PC. Today no special equipment is required to make a video conference.

Which means making a Professional Videoconference

First of all you need to know that there is a difference between a professional videoconference, that is a business meeting and any videoconference, for example with Skype. Skype videoconference is referred only to indicate the best known free service. Let’s talk about the free version of Skype, the one you normally use at home for video calls with friends or relatives. When you use Skype, you certainly don’t expect great quality, security, performance and reliability of the service.

When instead you have to organize a business meeting, especially with customers, you want audio and video communication to be of high quality. You need a fast, safe and reliable conference room solutions. Its features must allow remote collaboration with your partners as if you were sitting at the same table. You also want to give customers a beautiful image of your company, using a professional video conferencing service, easy and immediate to use, especially for them.

To make a business videoconference, a professional level service must be used to guarantee the quality, stability and security of the conversation.

Conclusion: Make a video conference to discuss a contract

You are working in your office in NY and a customer from DC calls you to fix a meeting urgently. He wants to discuss the contract you sent him a few days ago. Your agenda, already full of appointments, does not allow you to take a plane or train to be in DC the same day. But you don’t even want to postpone the meeting, to avoid the risk that the client feels sidelined and because the signing of that contract is very important for you. Here, you need video conferencing as your savior.