Vehicle inspection can be a nightmare for shop owners. With customers on their neck and a lot on their plate, auto repair personnel feel the heat of the process. The paper-based systems have done little to help the situation. More business enterprises have embraced technology and the automobile sector should not be left behind. The auto shop software has been brought on board and it has the potential to make a difference. Here are some of the ways that this software makes customer experience better.

Better Relationships
Service advisers and technicians are more often than not at loggerheads especially due to vehicle information. Tekmetric’s auto shop software provides enough information about a faulty vehicle. This increases the confidence of the service providers and reduces tension between the two parties. Technicians no longer have to rely on service advisers for job recommendations. A peaceful job environment always results in better service delivery.

Building Confidence for Your Shop
Car owners have at one point had a run-in with auto shop owners. Some regular customers come back perhaps because they lack a better option. The auto shop software allows for transparency and accountability between car owners and auto shop owners. The needs of the vehicle can clearly be identified and shared with clients through photos and videos where necessary. Your clients get to enjoy peace of mind with all this information at their disposal.
This has gone a long way in helping shop owners gain the trust of their clients. It has also made it possible for auto shops to attract and keep more clients. Given the improved efficiency in service delivery, your clients will inevitably turn out to be an important marketing tool. You’ll receive more orders and this will provide a definite opportunity to grow your business.

Saves a lot of time
A technician can begin working on a faulty vehicle minutes after the inspection is done. The approval of work to be done and assigning of a technician takes less time compared to the time needed for the paper based system. The details of the vehicle and the car owner is digitally stored and can be retrieved promptly when needed. Shop owners can manage their schedule seamlessly and organize appointments in good time.

Efficient service recommendations
The auto shop software was designed to keep a better track record on auto repair results. These results can be used to make further recommendations on the vehicle in question. Technicians can always look at the car service history to find out what worked well before and what did not yield much fruit. Such information will save both the service providers and car owners a lot of time and energy.

Seamless costing process
The app has also made it easier for auto shop owners to determine the costs of different repairs. They can also calculate labor costs and times without much hustle. Clients no longer need to worry about getting extorted. On the hand, techs will get good value for the work they do. The labor times helps to keep the technicians on their toes. Car owners can make the most of their time as they know when to expect their car to be in good shape.

Parting shot
Tekmetric offers a free trial for their auto shop software for 2018. The offer does not require you to sign contracts and has no hidden fees. Shop owners have the option of taking back the inspection devices at no cancellation fee if the service does not satisfy their needs. With this in mind, it is important to note that the needs of auto shops vary. Go for a software that will best meet the needs of your shop. Do your homework and let this new technology work for you as you enhance service delivery in your auto shop.

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