The screens of laptops are the most prone to damage. They can easily be broken if you are not careful handling your device. However, screen cracks or broken screens are not the only problems with laptop screens. Many other issues can come up, like pixel defects, blank screens, and many more. We understand that sometimes you may have the urge to fix things by yourself. But, it is not the wisest option.

Most of the screen problems require professional help. Hence it is advisable to consider the option of professional laptop repair. Besides, it has become even more convenient as you can call for a professional laptop repair at home service. You can always go for laptop repair services near me, and if you live in Noida, you can get the best options simply by searching for laptop repair in Noida.

Blank screen

Two main reasons for the blank screen problems in laptops are hardware faults in the motherboard or broken LCD or LED panels. However, you can check which one has occurred in your case by simply connecting your laptop to an external screen. Connect to the screen and turn on your laptop. As usual, if the laptop boots, your screen has to be replaced. If the laptop doesn’t boot, then the problem is with the motherboard. However, in both cases, you should contact a laptop repair service for the replacement or the laptop repair.

Dim display

The laptop screen can become dimmer over use. However, you can easily check if the display is dim or not by putting the display on full brightness. The solution to this problem is given below-

  1. Close and open the display flap of your laptop. If the problem occurs due to command lag, it will get fixed by doing this 2-3 times.
  2. Try rebooting your laptop. Restart your laptop and check if the display is still dim or fixed.

If the display doesn’t get fixed after using these tricks, then you should show your laptop to a professional laptop repair service. Moreover, you can also search “laptop repair service near me” on Google and get a laptop repair service at home.


Hopefully, this article will have helped you to diagnose your screen problem. For fixing most of these problems with your screen, consider calling for laptop repair at home, as it is the best and most time-saving way to repair your diagnosed issue. For someone living in Noida, you can also search for laptop repair in Noida to find some of the best laptop repair services.