Message Archiving: Best Practices | TeleMessage

You must consider several precautions to avoid legal violations when running your business. One of the hardest responsibilities of any company is to ensure data protection, especially in text messaging.

As SMS messages are used more frequently to exchange vital information, the demand for reliable SMS archiving software becomes more apparent. Archives are handy tools that ensure you remain compliant with regulations and keep your company and customers safe.

Many agencies offer quality instant message archiving solutions, but how do you know which suits your company? Follow our tips in our guide below:

Why Do You Need Archiving Software?

There are several good reasons why companies partner with third-party service providers for SMS archiving solutions, most of which are mandated by law. However, other factors could influence your decision to get one and which provider to choose, including:

    • Compliance – As mentioned, compliance with the law is why businesses need archiving solutions.
    • Litigation – SMS archives can help your company when you are required to produce copies of text messages as evidence.
    • Business Insights – SMS archives are a goldmine of valuable business insights that can streamline marketing and customer service.

By determining which of the following is your priority, you can easily narrow your list of compatible SMS archiving service providers.

What Kind of Device(s) Does Your Company Use?

It is important to note that not all instant message archiving software is compatible with the operating system of your company’s device choice. How they function and their efficiency will vary depending on their rapport with the OS.

There are two top players in the mobile operating systems industry: Android and iOS.

The iOS has more security features than the Android OS, including text backup, encryption, and automatic deletion of old conversations.

Meanwhile, the Android OS tends to be more lenient, allowing users access to a broader range of apps and features. While more accessible, this can leave Android devices vulnerable. Fortunately, Google has introduced security features like built-in VPNs for added protection.

What Features Do You Need?

The best SMS message archiving software features make capturing and storing messages more effective. You can compare various offers from multiple companies to see which one is designed best for your business.

Some of the key features you may want to have include the following:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Comprehensive device and operating system coverage
  • Easy implementation and use
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Automated retention and scheduled backups
  • Intuitive UI

To ensure you are paying for your money’s worth, it is wise to request a free trial of the archiving software to test the program’s abilities. With these tips in mind, we highly recommend booking a demo with LeapXpert – the industry-leading worldwide archiving solutions provider.