In this technological age, having an effective updated website is key to business success. You need to regularly create new content and publish it on your website to make it relevant. It will also make your business look credible which will help create trust with your audience. It will also help raise your page ranking on search engines.

You need not be tech-savvy to excel in digital marketing. You can make use of content management systems (CMS) to effectively conduct digital marketing. A CMS is a software that helps in creating, managing, and updating your website. You can use it to design your website, add content and graphics and even perform coding functions.

We will talk more about the best CMS platforms for your website. But before you invest in a CMS platform, you should invest in good internet. Contact Spectrum servicio al cliente to get reliable internet connectivity.


This platform is ideal for small businesses looking to seamlessly integrate their digital marketing efforts. CMS Hub offers What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) page design features. You need minimal technical knowledge to make this platform work for your website. You can perform SEO, create responsive designs, and do multi-device and cross-browser testing of your website.

Your website and marketing can also be easily integrated. For example, a user filling out a form on your website will automatically be available on your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform as well.

You can monitor customer activity on your website and personalize marketing content that they get exposed to.


WordPress is ideal for small organizations that seek flexibility with their integration and customization. WordPress is perhaps the most well-known CMS platform in history. It has been the preferred choice for millions of bloggers across the world since it was introduced in 2003.

You can choose various templates and plug-ins. You can use them to add as many marketing features as you wish. With WordPress, you can add practically all imaginable features to your website. If you are new to digital marketing or if you don’t require a platform that offers a silver bullet solution, then WordPress is what you should use.

However, there are some security issues associated with WordPress. Since it is an open-source platform, it uses third-party plugins and templates. This can attract hackers to your website. So if you opt for WordPress, you must be careful with your security.


Sitefinity can be used by all kinds of businesses, whether they are big or small. You can use it to get a unique digital marketing experience across various platforms. It is among the more established CMS systems as it is being used by many big organizations.

Sitefinity offers a host of features. These include simple content management, smart marketing insights, rich data, personalization, chatbot, and e-Commerce. It also offers multiple-channel management functionality.

It also has low code integration. This will allow you to make your marketing more automated while reducing development costs. So it will result in making your organization more efficient.

However, it does not have a wide variety of templates. Another issue is that there are not many Sitefinity developers, so it will get difficult to find people who can manage your website if you use this platform.


This platform is best for small enterprises who want the flexibility with WordPress but with additional language options. It is a popular CMS based on open-source technology. Millions of websites use this platform.

Joomla! is a free platform. You can make use of thousands of themes and extensions that come pre-installed with it. It is search-engine and mobile-friendly. It has multi-user permission level capability as well.

Summing Up

Whichever CMS software you employ, make sure it supports your digital marketing activities either on its own or by integrating with other platforms. Evaluate your business requirements and be wise in choosing the appropriate CMS platform.

You also need to be wise when choosing an internet service provider. Digital marketing will require you to be constantly connected to the internet. Call telefono de Spectrum to get uninterrupted internet connectivity.