Mobile marketing is the technique to use mobile-based strategies to advertise your business and products. This is targeted towards potential customers when you are introducing your brand to them. They can become aware of your company through mobile marketing and then choose to become a customer. Or, it can be for those who are already aware of your business and have purchased from you previously. Through market marketing, you can update them about new services and products. 

Why should you adopt mobile marketing for your business? 

In this age and time, a mobile phone is a common commodity for everyone. Almost every single pair of hands on the street holds a mobile phone. Some even hold two phones. In 2021, there will be over 6 billion mobile phone users in the world. Out of those, over 4 billion mobile phone users log into the Internet daily. This means that more than 80% of mobile phone users have access to the Internet.

Even if somehow, one does not operate the Internet on their mobile phone. There are other non-online mobile marketing methods that can be applied to them. Mobile Internet usage is not limited to visiting web pages. They branch out to apps and mobile games.  

What are the different types of mobile marketing?

1. SMS – 

Here, you are essentially using the phone number to send a promotional message to the user. You can send offers or gift codes through SMS as well. You can use the phone validation service to verify the accuracy of the numbers before sending the messages. 

2. Google Ads – 

Placing an ad on the largest search engine in the world will definitely get your company noticed. You can boost traffic to your website and gain clicks. Every user that uses a link from the Google ad to visit your website is taken as one count. And, the counts are known as clicks. Keywords are a great way to highlight your website. 

3. In-game marketing – 

Games are a popular platform to place advertisements for your business. Brands can insert promotional content within the game or even sponsor the entire game to get more gamers interested in their business. You can have your name or your product featured in a mobile game for a fee. 

4. App-based marketing – 

The emergence of smartphones has seen the growth of mobile applications as well. And with the increase in mobile app users, mobile app marketing has also developed. With the stiff competition in this market, you have to make sure that your advertisements are targeted to people who will engage with them. You can also launch an app for your company to increase the interaction between the customers and your business. 

With that said, it is always better to keep the mobile ads short and concise to capture the user’s attention in a short time span. If a certain strategy does not seem to be working for you. You can always shift to a different strategy and experiment.